James lives with his wife and two children in the UK. He is passionate about programming, cooking, family and being childish. James runs the day to day at our studio and is the lead programmer on our main project Survive the Nights.

Co-Founder | Lead Programmer

James Wright @JaytySTN

Joseph is from Brooklyn, New York where he lives with his wife. He’s a massive fan of classic video games, food and music. He is the team’s community manager, always available to lend a helping hand.

Co-Founder | Community Manager | Game Developer 

Joseph Ciappa @JB_STN

Jill is the company secretary and handles customer service and support, which means the team are free to focus solely on development. Jill is also James’ mother so you could say that game development is becoming a family business!

Company Secretary | Stand in CFO

Jillian Towle

John is the oldest member of the development team and a long term work colleague of James. He lives in Hull with his wife. John is the animator and original member of the development team since 2014.

Lead Animator

John Watson @wotoSTN

Andre interned at a2z in 2014, his talents were immediately recognized and appreciated. Andre loves racing games, long boarding and music. After his internship he joined the team full time as our lead designer.

Lead Designer

André Kats @AndreKatsSTN

Jos interned at a2z in 2015. He instantly fit in with the team. Jos enjoys music and is passionate about food, cooking and buying fresh meats. After his internship he joined the team full time as our level designer.

Level Designer | Game Developer

Jos Heuvelink @STNJos


3d Concepts

Robert Speed

3d Modeler

Rik Konings

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