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Survive the Nights is a unique FPS survival game focusing on teamwork, fortification, creativity and strategy. Secure a structure or roam free, the choice is yours. Survive the Nights focuses on realistic survival, post zombie infestation.








Survive the Nights


Survive the Nights

The game takes advantage of day and night cycles. Preparing during daylight hours when moving around the world is less risky. Make use of existing structures instead of building them. Play as a team to better your chances to survive each night.


Use the day time hours to roam the island, find loot and prepare for the night to come. Fortify structures, set traps, start fires, get meals and bandages ready. When the night falls, you will not want to venture too far from a secure structure.


Here's some of what Survive the Nights has to offer in its first public alpha build. Please remember, we’re dedicated to listening to the players.

Game World Features

  • Large hand designed world

  • Woodlands

  • Campgrounds

  • Starting Camps

  • Shipping container camps

  • Farmland

  • Cabins

  • Meadows

  • Rivers

  • Large road system

  • 100’s of fortifiable structures


Survive The Nights rooftop camping spot

Day and Night Cycles

There’s a big difference between day and night, remembering that may be key to your survival. Day and night cycles make for dynamic gameplay. Zombies are scarce and far more docile during daylight hours. Nightfall brings out dead so it’s best to be indoors by then. Traveling at night is not advised. Using a firearm in a town at night would draw hordes. It’s best to stick indoors unless you have a large group of friends.


Day Cycle

  • Fell trees

  • Craft planks

  • Hunting and trapping

  • Gather loot and food

  • Fortify a structure

  • Secure doors and containers with locks

  • Fuel generators and prepare power systems

  • Light a fire to keep your health up

  • Craft bandages and prepare for the night


Night Cycle

  • Team up with friends

  • Hunker down in your secured structure

  • Avoid firearms use melee

  • Remain as quiet as possible

  • Start generators and power structures

  • Set structure traps

  • Cook meals indoors on wood stoves

  • Try to survive the night

Dynamic Weather

Our weather system is dynamic including all four seasons along with seasonal vegetation and foliage.

  • Dynamic lighting

  • Dynamic seasons

  • Day and night cycles

  • Realistic star and moon positions

  • Random weather events such as rainstorms and snowstorms

  • Mist and fog system

Electrical System

Powering a structure can provide a structure with lighting making night time activities far easier.

  • Power an electric meter with a generator

  • Power a set radius with a generator in the wild

  • Supply a structure or area with electricity

  • Power lights

  • Crafted electrical items like work lamps

  • Power gas pumps to retrieve fuel

Fortifiable Structures

Structures are all exciting as there’s no “base building”. You can take control of an already existing structure, fortify and hunker down. 

  • Every door can be padlocked

  • Plank over windows on the interior and exterior

  • Power structures to provide much needed light

  • Set traps outside/inside doors and windows

  • Select and secure fixed containers with locks

Survive The Nights Rooftop view

Crafting and Inventory

Simplified text based inventory and crafting allows us to greatly expand on in game items and crafting possibilities without the graphical overhead.

  • Simplified crafting system

  • Combine common items to create other useful loot

  • Create tools like axes, hammers and hatchets by combining crafted handles and found tool heads

  • Combine food items with pots and pans to create meals that are ready to cook

  • Easy to navigate an search for recipes

  • Search based on recipe or ingredient

  • Use large and small workbenches to craft items both large and small

Placement and Storage

The placement system allows for players to move any crafted or found physical game drop as they see fit. Placement will allow for players to make a structure feel more like their own.

  • Manipulate any loot drop

  • Placement directly from the inventory

  • Place and store goods on counters, shelves or tables

  • Organize your safe house

Vehicles and Transport

Getting around an island the size of this one isn’t easy on foot. Vehicles are in their infancy and we’ll greatly expand on them in the future.

  • Realistic fuel consumption

  • Realistic part system

  • Vehicles support more than one passenger

  • Vehicles can power structures

Mental Health System

Our mental health system is being developed to discourage "Kill On Sight" mentality. The zombies are a real threat and you’ll better your chances of surviving with friends and not killing every stranger that comes walking by. PVP is still a factor as it should be and there are means to correct a negative mental state.

  • Kill players repeatedly and pay the price

  • Eat raw or rancid foods and lower your mental state

  • Eat warm meals or fresh foods to raise your mental state

  • Extreme lows in the mental health stat will result in death

Nutrition and Hydration

Realistic food and drink intake is a big part of the game. You don't need to eat too frequently so eating and drinking feels like a smooth mechanic and less like a burden. Eating and maintaining a proper diet can even result in character buffs.


  • Realistic calorie consumption

  • Realistic hydration system

  • Only eat what you need for a day

  • Eat more and build your calorie, stamina and overall health stats

  • Consume cooked foods to lower your chance of sickness

  • Hunt game for larger meals

Survive The Nights mountain view

Dynamic Aggressive AI

The dead are a real threat and will kill an unprepared player quickly.

  • Day and night based AI

  • Zombies hear and see

  • Zombies can attack your structures and gain entrance

  • Day zombies are few in number allowing you a better chance of gathering resources

  • Night zombies are abundant in number, traveling at night isn’t advised


Day Zombies

  • Found in dark tree lines and abandoned structures

  • More docile and less prone to attack

  • Turn into night zombies when the sun goes down


Night Zombies

  • Roam the wilds along with the streets

  • Very aggressive

  • Increased vision

  • Faster and more agile

  • Spawn in higher numbers


Global Stats and Steam Achievements

Server based leader boards allow you to see who has survived the longest on the server. Each player will also have personal stats seen via the main menu. The game also tracks global stats, seen on our website/forum and discord server.


Something we’re including right from the first alpha build is steam achievements. How many nights will you survive? Just like all of our features we’ll gather ideas for Steam Achievements from the community. We’ll expand greatly on achievements but you’ll have many to earn in early access such as nights survived, trees felled, times killed, zombies killed etc.


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